Diver Charter

As a member and/or diver respecting the Government of Quebec's scuba diving regulations, I agree to respect the following rules:

I am aware that underwater activities involve risks; as my own safety and that of others is my priority, I hold a valid Certificate of qualifications in recreational scuba diving from the Government of Quebec as prescribed by law and in my possession the emergency equipment recommended for the activity.
I carry out a self-assessment of my physical and mental health before any dives and I postpone my dives if my abilities are reduced for one reason or another or if I am not able to manage a possible emergency situation.
I assess the environmental conditions of the practice area and I make sure that my knowledge and skills are adequate to carry out my activity safely. I have access to an experienced local guide if I need it.

I respect the environment, flora and fauna in all stages of my underwater activity.

  • I throw my waste in the appropriate places and I leave the site cleaner than on my arrival.
  • I relieve myself in the appropriate places.
  • I preserve the seabed as well as the fauna by not touching them with my hands or my fins. I take measures to minimize my impact on the environment and I am aware of my role as an ambassador for the protection of the underwater environment, and I set an example (Longitude 181, Leave No Trace Canada, Project AWARE, etc.)
  • In residential areas, I respect the tranquility of residents by minimizing noise and footsteps of my presence.
  • Where access to water is forbidden, I respect the signs in order to support the steps taken collectively to give us all access, and help maintain a good reputation for divers in general.
Whether on the water or not, I keep an eye out for other divers and assist them to the best of my ability if any of them need help. When diving, I make sure to stay in constant communication with my partner and respect his limits as well as mine.
I am respectful in my interactions with any person I come across during my activity, whether he is another practitioner of underwater sports or not. I share the common spaces harmoniously and I take care of the sites that are lent to me in order to help maintain access to all.
I also show respect to Quebec Underwater, FQAS-Accreditation, members, agencies and all industry professionals. I express my opinions in the appropriate places and I use the complaint form on the Quebec Underwater website if I wish to report a reprehensible or an unacceptable situation. I understand that Quebec Underwater's social media are not places of public debate or mediation and I respect the channels put in place to express my requests or opinions in a constructive manner.

I adhere to the Charter

Adhere to the Diver Charter by filling out the following form. Your name will appear on this page as a signatory. You will receive by email the official seal as well as a mailing acknowledging your commitment.

    Signatories of the Charter

    Andréanne Lapointe-Aubert, Carlane Racine, Karen Smith, Emilie Bouthillette, Robert Mony, Raynald Le Monnier, Marilaine Duplain, Jean Levasseur, Sylvain Dextraze, Claire Graveline, Diane Beausoleil, Donald Heroux, Dominique Sohy, François Gascon, Mario Vaillancourt, Sébastien Pelletier, Luc Pouliot, Philip Bélanger, Carlos Oliva, Martin Leblanc, Jennifer Canty, Nadine Benoit, Marie-Ève Proulx, Anne Fontaine, Maïté St-Jean, Francis Bouchard, Yanik Déry, Laurie Aumont, Philippe Courcelle, Jean Philippe Girard, Pierre-Luc Gignac, Sébastien Bourdua, Lucie Milette, Elaine Rodrigue, Anik Brunet, Stéphane Fournier, Marc-Antoine Perreault, Katerine Fortier-Bourgault, Sophie Pharand, Pierre-Luc Riverin, Sara Perron, Carl Gosselin, Marie-Stéphanie Fournier, Marie-Eve Faucher, René Veilleux, Nathan Nozais, Stéphane Landry, Marianne Charbonneau, Isabelle Champagne, Dominique Boudreau, Stacy Skwarka, Alexandre Ravacley, Caroline Perrault, Simon Couette, Marc Noël Corriveau, Véronique Beaudoin, Stéphanie Caron, Luc Sergerie, Jasmine Therrien, Jonathan Lafrance, Jean-Pierre Richer, Antoine Leclair, Camille Desrosiers Gaudette, Gilles Goulet, Christophe Brodeur, Dany Dulac, Philippe-Antoine Baril, Nancy Girard, Nadyne Simard, Yannick Pinard, Emilie Durand, Felix Delisle, Valérie Maltais, Laura Drolet, Sylvain Guillemette, Philippe St-Aubin, Patrick Blanchette, Jean Boisvert, Raphaelle Gariepy, Audrey-ann Pichet, Francesca Drouin, Guylaine Mercier, Simon Labbe, Philippe Roche, Francois de Villers, Gary Plourde, Anny-Jane Ouellet, Patricia Vaudreuil, Pierre Dubuc, Yves Ravacley, Pierre Bourcier, Elizabeth Morin, Amélie Bernier, Valerie Bibeau-Morin, Eric Lamontagne, Dominic Blais, Clément Drolet, Charles Pitre, Marie Sedent, Pierre Mauger, Jean-Francois Simard, Frederic Badtien, Guillaume Clément, Rémi Lavoie, François-Xavier Nadeau, Dominique Jetté, Marc-Antoine Boulet, Labrie Josee, Julie Francoeur, Frederic Dumais, Marie-Josée Guillet, Alexandre Poirier, Nicolas Bernard, Marc-André Gilbert, Guillaume Bernier, Laurie Fauchon, Christian Grenier, Jean-François Tremblay, David Parent Labbé, Marie-Pier Paquet, Norma-Jane Blanchet, Philippe Charest, Stephanie Duchesne, Iannick Melancon, Nathalie Laforest, Alain Dionne, Pierre Cazeau, Alexandre Grimard Latulippe, Stéphane Bellan, Stéphane Heider, Stéphanie Caron, Patrick Lepage, Genevieve Marchand, Rémy Lafleur, Patrice Perron, Isabelle Banville, Pierli Imbeau, Lisa-Marie Carrion, Bruno Fournier, Mélanie Bouchard, Jonathan Simard, Martin Royer, Daniel Sauvé, Charlotte Girouard Ares, Audrey Bridier, Annie Beaulieu, Mario Bénard, Melanie Labbe, Anne Labbé, Maxime C. Gleeton, Éric Lavoie, Caroline lebel, Josee Berube, Alex Robinette, Evelyne Carriere, Patrick Bedard, Karine Desbiens, Jean Alexandre Vallee, Benoit Latour, William Bruneau, Robert Pichette, Stéphanie St-Arnaud, Stéphanie Rheault, Mario Cyr, Karine Desautels, Andre Roy, Payette Rémy, Jacob Bouchard, Linda Pasquale, Timothée Dupont, Leslie Gemmel, Jean Bergeron, Aymen BenKreira, Carl Benson, Eric Lefebvre, Frédéric Garand, Alain Latraille, Denis Campeau, Rejeanne C Tessier, Dave Beaumont-Vaillancourt, Guy Blanchette, Philip Marshall, Guylaine Gervais, Ariane Monfils, Bruno Estirac-Rateau, Louise Joly, Jean Marc Bertrand, Marie-Pier D’Aigle, Annie Dupuis, Maria-Gabriela Mejia Velez, Eric Thibodeau, Francois Lafleur, Francois Simard, Bertrand Favreau, Vernon Moore, Chantal Rancourt, Charles Dupont, Catherine Martineau, Normand Giguère, Stephan Tremblay, Myriam Tardif-Harvey, Bernard Otis, Sylvie Giroux, Martin Legault, Alexis Fournier, Manon Proulx, Nancy Bourdeau, Jean-Marc Rioux, Anouar Bennaïd, Denis Breton, Josée Hughes, Jean Greusard, John Vaillancourt, Jose Cabral, Joël Séguin, Magel Morneau, Mélanie Martin, Marek Abaji, Frédérick Mangerel, Pierre Trepanier, Michèle Doucet, Simon Pelletier, Mario Beaucage, Steve Waterhouse, Nancy Chouinard, Christian Bigué, Lucas Tavares Ferraz, Isabelle Gégoux, Louis Tremblay, Yanick Guindon, Christine Tremblay, Christian S St-Pierre, Florence Robertson, Sébastien Sirois, Yves Cadieux, Jean-François Bineau, Ghyslain Quessy, Dominic Dolbec, Robert Breton, Maude Rose St-Pierre, Olivier Poulin, Serge Tremblay, Genevieve Desrochers, Chantal Laniel, Jean-Jacques Clément, Nathalie Parent, Cédric Bérubé, Pat Milot, Stephanie Labbe, Alexandra Béland, Stéphane Dupray, Yves Lamont, Julie Sarazin, Simon Couture, Alexandre Pimenov, Sylvie Goulet, Marie-Claude Céré, Guillaume Robert, Martin Blanchard, Denis Pepin, Laura Langlois, Mathieu Roger, Sylvain Boudrias, Marc Du Sault, Pierre Marchand, Luc-Étienne Robert, Kathleen Liane Mack, Josée Mayer, Guy LeBlanc, Claude Marquis, Sophie Martin, Marc Bélair, Savannah Turcotte, Joanna Blanchard, Loic Girard, Cathy Lalancette, Sylvain Tanguay, Richard Savignac, Patrick Landry, André Lajoie, Anne-Camille Major, Frédéric Bussière, Karine Lambert, Jean Tardif, Patrick Major, Marie Josee Hamelin, Marianne Loranger, Mario Branchaud, Germain Bernier, David Tomlin, Martin Gobeil, Julie Marcoux, Damien Monge, Dominic Ducharme, Suzanne Gagnon, Alain Dufresne, André De Ladurantaye, Claude Marcel, Pierre Brouard, Sylvie Robitaille, Yves Clercin, Christian Courtemanche, Paul Boissinot, Stéphane Morasse, Claude Dessureault, Marie-Pierre Lessard, Luc Ouellet, Jean Lessard, Marie-Eve Laflamme, Marc Cassuto, Eric Beaudette, Lucie Tremblay, Joanie Mcguire, Réjean Malenfant, Patrick Allaire, Cassandra Tremblay, Gilles Vaillancourt, Danielle Vibert, Sylvie Bolduc, Guylaine Laforest, Alain Bélanger, Michael Blackburn, Sonia Boudreau, Chantal Lapointe, Jasmin Emond, Gilles Tremblay, Michel Couture, Réjean F Côté, Ginette Valin, Michael Phillips, Jean Varhegyi, Robert Giroux, Lanie Chénier, Denis Jeanson, Jean-Francois Blard, Éric Dorion, Jocelyn Grimard, Stéphann Grégoire, Jean-Sébastien Naud, Tommy Lavallée, Robert Sylvestre, Laurent Fortin, David Boivin, Guy Charlebois, Simon Georges, Sylvain Tremblay, Lise Robert, Pierre St-Cyr, Laurent Fey, Gino Dubois, Marie-Christine Lessard, Philippe Huot